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Where and How Are Roads Endangering Mammals in Southeast Asia’s Forests? Research article published in PLOS ONE

IPK researcher Assoc. Prof. Dr. Reuben Clements has recently published a paper in the high impact journal PLOS ONE. The open access article is summarised below: “Habitat destruction and overhunting are two major drivers of mammal population declines and extinctions in tropical forests. The construction of roads can be a catalyst for these two threats. […]

December 22, 2014 Article, News, TASIK KENYIR

Kelah conservation featured in the angling press

IPKs efforts to conserve the iconic Mahseer of the threatened rivers Tembat and Terengganu have been highlighted in an article published in Malaysia’s Rod and Line magazine. The full article is available here: Latest News from Malaysia RL Oct 14  

October 29, 2014 Article, News, TASIK KENYIR

IPK research gains Mahseer Trust backing

This week, Dr Sam Walton met up with Steve Lockett from the Mahseer Trust, a team of international scientists and¬†representatives of the Kelah Association of Malaysia (KAGUM) to discuss the future for Kenyir’s threatened Tor species. The Mahseer Trust is a global charitable organisation that aims to establish collaborations between scientists working with mahseer species […]

August 21, 2014 Article, News

Tracking Tor tambroides in the Tembat River

The current construction of the dams on the Terengganu and Tembat rivers in Terengganu presents a unique opportunity to monitor the behaviour of riverine adapted fish in still water environments and compliment ongoing research by UMT, UKM, USM, TNBr, wildlife and fisheries departments to document other ecosystem changes that are likely to occur as a result of river impoundment.

July 4, 2014 Article, News