The program was implemented to identify the products that have potential to be commercialized. It involved various agencies so that each product can be commercialized in the market. The program also organizes exhibitions activities for each potential product of the villages around Lake Kenyir and the exhibition of research conducted by the IPK, UMT.


• Identify the products that have potential to be commercialized the village to support ecotourism Kenyir Geopark.
• Provide exposure on how to market the product.
• To expose the knowledge of entrepreneurship to improve the quality of the product.
• Establish collaboration between the UMT, the community and the agency.


Implemented on October 14, 2014 (Tuesday) at the PDHT Rest House. It started with sharing of experiences by LADA and talk by Dr. Muhammad Abi Sofian Abdul Halim (UMT) with title “The Importance and Implementation Methods of Ecotourism Entrepreneur Cooperatives in Rural Communities”. This program was followed by a group activity to identify the potential of each product by the facilitator (lecturer) from UMT. The program involved 110 participants consisting of staff and students of UMT, agency and community representatives around Lake Kenyir.