Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) endeavours to strengthen its capability to engage in research that is multi-disciplinary and oriented towards social innovation. With that goal in mind, UMT has renamed the Kenyir Research Institute, formed at the end of 2013, to Institute of Tropical Biodiversity and Sustainable Development (BIO-D TROPIKA) in 2018.

There are two wings under this institute, namely, socioeconomic development section (Lake and Mountain Community Research Program and Coast and Island Community Research Program) and Lake, Wetlands and Island Ecosystem section (Environmental Research Program and Conservation Science Research Program). There are three research stations under BIO-D TROPIKA in the research management namely Kenyir Natural Research Station, Setiu Wetlands Natural Research Station and Bidong Island Natural Marine Research Station.

The vision of BIO-D TROPIKA is to be a prominent research institute that expounds new knowledge and findings on biological diversity and socio-cultural diversity into our administration, conservation, wise use and management practices while the mission is healthier biodiversity and environment for the prosperity of our local communities. BIO-D TROPIKA also actively involves in knowledge transfer programmes involving communities.