The Description Programme of Kenyir Geopark mission to the community around Kenyir Lake (phase 2) under the Research Programme of the Lakeshore Community, Centre for Socio-Economic Development (CSD), Kenyir Research Institute (IPK), in collaboration with the Hulu Terengganu District Office was held on May 30 and May 31, 2014 .

The main purpose of this programme is to explain the mission Geopark to the Kenyir lake community. Another purpose of this programme is to get a rough idea on the history, socio-economic profile of the population and community development in the area of Kenyir Lake. The objective of this programme will be to disseminate information relating to the establishment of a Geopark of the lake to the agency, local leaders and communities, historical information, the profile of the population and socio-economic development in the area of the lake and creating ties among the people involved.

The programme covers approximately 36 community and attended by Hulu Terengganu Chief Assistant District Officer, Aboriginal Development department representative State, the Village Development Committee, lecturers, staff and students of UMT. This programme focuses on the description of the mission briefing Kenyir Geopark to the local communities that reveal to the establishment of the kenyir Geopark  community and give the information on the potential of the village so that the community can be prepared from the beginning before kenyir Geopark established.

The implementation of this programme is expected to provide understanding and information to the Kenyir Lake community about the establishment of a Kenyir Geopark so that communities more prepared and accept the changes that will occur in the villages around  the Kenyir Lake .As a result, the community could drafting any programme or project development towards a more planned to develop the potential of the involved villages. Overall, the programme is effective in guiding the community in relation to the mission of Kenyir Lake  establishment of Kenyir Geopark.