A Survey of moth diversity at the Terengganu National Park, Terengganu.

Summary by Nuraishah Binti Abdul Manaf & Chong Ju Lian (Contact: julian@umt.edu.my)

In Peninsular Malaysia, there is currently little research conducted on the diversity of moths, especially on the east coast. Thus, a study was conducted to investigate moth diversity at the Terengganu National Park, Terengganu, as the preliminary survey in order to establish a  “moth checklist” for the Terengganu National Park. Sampling was conducted continuously for three nights starting from 10 March 2011 until 12 March 2011 with a light trap that was set up before dusk until midnight.

A total of 179 individuals from 34 species, and 33 genuses were identified from 13 families. Majority of the moths sampled were  from the family Lymantriidae (76%), followed by Arctiidae (4%), Geometridae (4%), Limacodidae (3%), Sphingidae (3%), Saturniidae (2%), Bombycidae (1%), Lasiocampidae (1%) and Nolidae (1%). Three families were recorded as the least abundant family and were represented by individuals during the study namely Drepanidae (0.6%), Notodontidae (0.6%) and Uraniidae (0.6%). In addition, results showed that the genus Nygmia (72.5%) was the dominant genus found at Taman Negara Terengganu. For this study, the preliminary checklist of the moth species at the Terengganu National Park was established. It is hoped that this study will initiate more studies on moth diversity in Terengganu.

Keywords: Moth, diversity, Lepidoptera, composition, Terengganu National Park, Malaysia