UMT Stingless Bee and Bee Research Group led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shamsul Bahri bin Abd Razak had successfully organized an expedition to track stingless bees at Kenyir Lake (EKK 2016). The two-day expedition was held from 15 to 16 September 2016. The program was attended by 48 participants including farmers, industry, fans and stingless bee researchers from all over Malaysia. The expedition involving 3 houseboat was accompanied by UMT Mobile Lab “Siti Maya”. The presence of Siti Maya has give some view to the public on how UMT researchers do their work and research on the field, especially at Kenyir Lake. Like previous expedition programs, this program has been successfully become a meeting platform for many homeland stingless bee fans to exchange information and views. Casual discussion of current issues between the veteran and the new one in the stingless bee industry had made many benefits. Knowledge transfer activities were held by UMT stingless bee researchers with other present participants. Location for stingless bee mapping at Bird Park, Orchid Garden, Lasir Watefall and Mahseer/Kelah Sanctuary had managed to find a rare and elusive species of wild stingless bee like Tetragonula Melina (Red Stingless Bee). Other stingless bee available at Kenyir Lake surrounding is Homotrigona fimbriata, Homotrigona aliceae, Tetragonilla atripes, Tetragonilla collina, Geniotrigona thoracica and Tetragonula sp.