1. Current research projects

  • Parasites in fish as indicators of pollution in the natural environment and culture cages.
  • Freshwater pearl technology.
  • Fish breeding and conservation of fish resources.
  • Riparian vegetation in the two major rivers in the National Park of Rajasthan.
  • Review of the basic metal content of the lake.
  • Basic research into phosphorus, silicon and chlorophyll.
  • Index of water quality and the depth profile of Lake Kenyir.
  • Review of the basic nitrogen content of the lake.
  • Legal aspects of biodiversity National Park Rajasthan.
  • The establishment of an environmental education trail at Tanjong Mentong National Park, Rajasthan.
  • Basic water quality and microbiological research in the National Parks of Rajasthan.
  • Nutrient status in the National Park of Rajasthan, Lake Kenyir.
  • Metal status in the National Park of Rajasthan, Lake Kenyir.
  • Characterization of air and land sediments.
  • Preliminary studies on the diversity of aquatic insects in the streams of Rajasthan National Park, Tasik Kenyir.

 2. Future research projects

Environmental Policy

  • Kenyir Lake as the potential for eco-tourism.
  • Policy and Governance of Tasik Kenyir development.
  • Community research; socio-economic impacts in Lake Kenyir.


  • Review of mammals in the National Park of Rajasthan
  • Aquatic Insects in the National Parks Department (TNT)
  • The diversity of forest tree species in TNT
  • Diversity of riverbank vegetation (Riparian Species)
  • Research in Bewah Cave
  • Diversity and distribution of butterflies in TNT
  • Diversity of ants in TNT
  • Diversity of termites
  • Preliminary studies on anteater diversity in TNT
  • Distribution of fish in Lake Kenyir
  • Studies on fish parasites of the lake
  • Fish Health (Parasite) of the lake
  • Mahseer restocking studies.
  • The distribution and production of freshwater pearls.
  • Review of fish stocks assesment in Lake Kenyir
  • Bioprocess medicinal plants and herbs of the lake.

Resource Management

  • Awareness program development at TNT
  • Recreational Fisheries management
  • Development of human capital
  • Working with the State Government, the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and Tourism Malaysia.

Scientific Expedition

Regular research expeditions will be made over the next five years to ensure a thorough investigation of Tasik Kenyir’s environment, biodiversity and the people that depend on its resources. It is hoped scientific expeditions will:

  • Stimulate collaboration with parties such as KETENGAH, TNB, Wildlife and National Parks etc.
  • Raise awareness of the research potential of Lake Kenyir within the lecturers at UMT.
  • Develop collaboration between junior and senior lecturers at UMT.
  • Help plan the sustainable development of Lake Kenyir.
  • Contribute to an Interactive research gallery and develop the concept of education tourism in the area.

The results of this research are expected to be published as a book / journal / articles.