Social Venture Youth Exchange 2017
Date: 3-10 February 2017

Venue : Kuala Lumpur


Qwork, a social venture enterprise that matches multi-skill and passionate next gen talent worked together with Malaysia Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Urban Youth Academy (UYA), Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan (ASB-MIT), Hanyang University (HYU), Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC) and various higher learning institutions around the country to help young, aspiring youth learn, launch and create social ventures enterprise in a Social Venture Youth Exchange Program.

As social enterprise ventures improve the lives of millions of people in developing countries by creating livelihood opportunities and expanding access to affordable essential services, the collaboration aspires to inspire youth to think outside of the box in a seven-day challenge program. It involves youths from Korea and Malaysia to launch their social ventures based on three identified Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations (SDG-UN) suitable for our country. The three SDG set by United Nations that is most relevant in Malaysia are zero hunger, quality education and decent work and economic growth.

Malaysian and Korean youths learnt the importance of sustaining the livelihood of our country and how to generate a continuous income through various activities. Twelve groups comprising of four to five team members were formed in line with the three identified SDGs. Among the team names created to launch the social ventures includes Social Vengers, Coffee Lovers, Passionate Asians, The Nun, Gatchi Perpaduan, Vengadores and Excel.

Highlights of the activities includes Social Venture Bootcamp, community visit to social ventures engagements around Kuala Lumpur, like Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur, Project B Café in Sentul and GOLD (Generating Opportunities for Learning Disables) in Bandar Sunway, panel discussion with social entrepreneurs from Qwork Malaysia, Biji-biji, Batik Boutique, Earth Heir and Grub Cycle, ASB-MIT MakerFest, Social Ventures team presentations and sightseeing around significant landmarks in Putrajaya.

The closing dinner night ended with the official launch of Qwork Malaysia vid-resume, a video resume for youths to narrate their skills and talents to future employers and top five winner announcements of the Social Ventures Youth Exchange Programs. The top five teams that emerged as the most cost-effective, innovative and feasible social ventures are Gatchi Perpaduan (Azuan; Post graduate student, IPK, UMT), Rapido, Social Vengers (Amera Hanna; RA JSSM, UMT & Candyrilla Vera; Post graduate student, IPK, UMT) Excel (Fathihi; Post graduate student, IPK, UMT and Elizabeth; Post graduate student, IPK, UMT) and Vengadores.

“My post-graduate students from Kenyir Research Institute, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) were sent to discover and meet young, talented individuals alike. They worked in teams and supported one another, which is a vital role to carry out the SDG set by United Nation. I am extremely happy and proud of their achievements. They came home with three out of five awards that night” said Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah, Director at Kenyir Research Institute, UMT.


Scoial Venture 1st Plcae Team : Azuan (IPK postgraduate student) on second right

Scoial Venture 1st Place Team : Azuan (IPK postgraduate student) on second right.


Social Venture 3rd Place Team : Amera and Candy (IPK postgraduate student) on second and third from left.

Social Venture 3rd Place Team : Amera (RA JSSM) and Candy (IPK postgraduate student) on second and third from left.


Social Venture 4th Place Team : Fathihi and Elizabeth (IPK postgraduate student) on third and fifth from left.

Social Venture 4th Place Team : Fathihi and Elizabeth (IPK postgraduate student) on third and fifth from left.