Centre for Socioeconomic Development (CSD), Kenyir Research Institute (IPK) is conducting a study on Aboriginal Cultural Heritage at Kenyir Lake. Headed by Dr.Roslina Ismail, this study is one of the objectives under the research themes of Cultural Heritage Profile in the villages around Kenyir Lake. Among the activities was an observation study in forest of Kenyir Lake, conducted to identify forest products, herbs and forest-based food sources and look at the daily activities of Aboriginal people  in the forest. The observation which lasted about 3 1/2 hours was guided by an Aboriginal forest guide of Kampung Sungai Berua, Hulu Terengganu. This observation also recorded food, ornamental plants, medicines for sales and Aboriginal activities in the forest.

Activity of identifying forest products, herbs and forest food sources.

A type of forest betel used by Aboriginal for medicine.

Researchers with the Aboriginal forest guide at Kenyir Lake forest.